About BST

Before 2012, BST has focused on development of bioelectrical-physiological sensor and signal processing instruments. We recently specifically focus on the cooperation with other electro-physiology systems, and are dedicated to the advanced real-time measurement and transmission of vital signs wirelessly. Our missions are to rise patient’s safety and improve care provider’s working environment. We pursue the best quality of services for a sustainable development.

Development Description

Mobile phone ECG

  Display and Process single channel ECG.
  Digitized ECG signals to PC with PCMCIA card, RS232 or USB.

Vital Belt

  User-friendly wearable belt for convenient 24 hours/7 days vital signal monitoring.
Detects heart rate with optional Lead II ECG.
Body temperature and respiration measurement in the near future.
Wireless transmit vital signal to receiving PC or PDA up to 50 meters away.

PC-based 12-lead ECG

  Display and Process 12-channel ECG signals.
Digitized ECG signals to PC with PCMCIA card, RS232 or USB.


 One channel ECG signal save by microphone port.
 Detect the HRV with LabVIEW.


Body Fat

 A Multi-functional Local Body Fat Monitor
 Detect local, sectional and whole body fat content
 Detect skin moisture

Active Sensors

 Localized ECG,EMG,EEG detection from body surface for surface.
 Elector physiological signal acquisition with high CMRR and input impedance.

LNA (Ultra Low Noise Light Weight Amplifier)

Provides ultra low system noise of 0.7 μV (rms)
Achieve an excellent signal to noise ratio easily above 130 dB.
Keep common mode rejection ratio in the 110 to 140 dB high level while preserving the high input impedance in the range of 4 to 100 GΩ range