Clinician / Nurse

  • Evolution of traditional telemetry monitoring that combines the advantages of Telemetry ECG, Holter ECG and Event Recorder
  • Record a mass of ECG with event list and statistics in central monitor
  • Support variety of fields such as home, general ward, ER, rehabilitation, isolation ward, etc.
  • Increase patients' return of spontaneous circulation (67.1% vs. 40.5%).
  • Early detection of abnormal events to notify care providers
  • Support the Interoperability of HL7 and EMR
  • Work with third-party NIBP, Oximeter, Ear Thermometer, etc.


  • Rugged design tested to withstand a busy ambulatory environment
  • IPX7 water ingress rated (water resistance)
  • Support hospital green initiatives with rechargeable batteries
  • Reliability of RFID network deployments
  • Reduce unexpected event to prevent from dispute
  • Digitize medical records to Improve workflow of nurses
  • Provide better care quality in acute and general wards.
  • Enable installed-base to establish medical IoT and smart ward


  • Increase patient safety
  • Decrease hospital length of stay
  • Reduce interference to patients
  • Wireless and lightweight relieve patient's space and stress

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BioSenseTek is a leading-edged research and design company which focuses on development of bioelectrical / physiological sensor and signal processing instruments.


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